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More Than Fitness

Effective. Challenging. Dynamic.

In it for the long term. EBC Fitness is about more than just burning fat and short-term gains.

We are an ongoing fitness initiative, offering motivation and support to our members all year round.

We run 400+ one-hour sessions every year, across 26 locations around the UK, as well as online sessions on our EBC TV platform, giving you the power to tailor a programme to suit your lifestyle.

About Us

Why EBC Fitness?

Improved mental and physical performance
Varied functional training
Strong community
Programmes to suit all fitness levels
Accountability for your progress
Sustainable lifestyle change
Established with over 1000 daily attendees
1000’s of success stories over 15 years of EBC

A package to suit



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♥️Who is ready to start their week with a bang ♥️

- Write out when you are training
- Plan the foods you want to eat
- Organise your clothes for the week

Make a plan and let`s execute.


👊🏽👊🏽DONT GIVE UP👊🏽👊🏽

You never know how close you are..... just don`t give up. No matter your goals, you will achieve them if you stay consistent, disciplined, and focused.

If you are finding it tough to create a plan, we`ll head on over to EBC. Our instructors are on hand to help you and make a plan and execute.



1 month post event, who is still buzzing from this, what a day of fun, fitness, and community. You guys all smashed it.

Once again, massive thank you to our sponsors.


Our event is for all!! It doesn`t matter your fitness level all that matters is you are willing to push yourself.


For the full video, head to our YouTube channel.


❤️💥 1% WILL GET THIS💥❤️

Be like the 1% that want to make a change, want to feel better, want to create a lifestyle change.

It`s not going to be easy... but it`s going to be worth it,

You will have setbacks,
You will have moments of doubt,
You will have days of zero motivation.

But as soon as you get to a session, you will be:

Sourounded by positive people
You will have a trainer who cares
You will leave feeling better than when you started.

Trust the process, stick the plan, and become part of the 1%


⛰️⛰️EBC SNOWDEN 24⛰️⛰️

Date: September 13th - September 15th (Climb to take place on 14th)

Location: Snowden (Climb route TBC)

At this moment in time, we are just looking to gauge interest in this event.

Please fill out the document below and register your interest. Please click the link in the bio.

Once we know roughly how many would be interested, we will reach out to you about securing your place.

Have a great Monday, everyone.



After the huge success of the EBC Games and the massive uptake on the combat fuel products.

EBC is pleased tovannounce the affiliation with Combat Fuel as our supplements provider.

As  a valued EBC member, you are able to receive 10% off all their products when you use the code `EBC` on check out.

What are you waiting for......

Head to

Happy Training, guys ❤️


💪🏽It`s Friday💪🏽

Who is getting their workouts in this weekend??

Book yourself in and make that commitment.


🔥Who is ready to leave their comfort zone🔥

We know that the word `Bootcamp` can sometimes be daunting. But what I can assure you is that you will meet some of the most amazing people when you come to an EBC session.

We have a community of people who want to see you win. It doesn`t matter about your ability.

All that matters is that you are willing to try.

Head to to find out more and sign uo to 7days FREE.



**apologies I did say it would be yesterday, but the Internet was not working**


After the success of this weekend and seeing you guys all get involved, we have decided to open up registration for the Games 25 early for you guys.

You can secure your team for just £40.00 today (£10 per participant). This will ensure you don`t miss out and you have a spot secured. We will be limiting the team entries as we did this year, so don`t miss out.

Email to receive a payment link for the team.

Have a great Thursday, everyone ❤️



We want to say a massive well done to everyone that competed this weekend. Massive shout out to @danburyfitness for winning their category and the Eager Beaver team for winning their category.

All 16 teams were fantastic and showed real determination throughout. Thank you to our sponsors, vendors, and all the volunteers the day doesn`t run without you guys. So thank you, another thank you goes to @colchestersportspark for allowing us to host there.

Now, if you didn`t make it this year. We have a special announcement coming this week to secure your spot for `EBC GAMES 25`


There will be an opportunity to secure your teams place early to avoid missing out. We will be capping the numbers of teams again, so make sure you get your place secured early!

Who is ready to enter already for 2025?



Due to the EBC Games taking place on Saturday 1st June. There will be no EBC sessions taking place.

We apologise in advance for any issues caused. However, as you can imagine, we require all hands on deck for the event.

This is an open event for everyone to come down and show support.

There will be:


Plus, an opportunity to show your support to all the competitors.

The event takes place at 0900-1500 and then join us for a drink afterwards.

Hope to see some of you there.


Colchester sports Park
Cuckoo Farm Way, Colchester CO4 5YX



Our EBC Games is not just a fitness event. It is a family day out!

There will be:

🌮 Food vendors
☕️ Drink stalls
🍦 Ice cream stand
🏰 Inflatables
🤡 Face Painting
🤸‍♀️ Cheerleading perfomance
🎸 Music

It`s a fun day out supporting the participants and sharing the experience with your family.

Why not head on over... it`s FREE to enter.

Location: Colchester Sports Park
Date: 1st June 2024
Timing : 0900- 1530


Massive thank you to all our vendors, suppliers, and sponsors. We look forward to seeing you all on the day!



How many if you get asked this question?

"Why do you work out so much?" it`s usually followed by you aren`t the person you used to be or why don`t you come out with us anymore?

I know from personal experience that I used to get that a lot, and I doubt myself am I making the right choice. Maybe I should just go out and keep drinking every weekend. Everyone seems to like me when I`m that person.

But I didn`t like that person. I had to make the change for me (Wez). So I made the change I found fitness.

Fitness is a vehicle, a vehicle that will:

➡️ Unlock doors
➡️ Makes you feel good
➡️ Gives you mental clarity
➡️ Offers you a release
➡️ Opens up communities and groups that see you
➡️ Puts you in a place to better yourself
➡️ Fitness doesn`t care if you have had a good or bad day.
➡️ It will grow your mindset to show you that anything can be achieved.

The transferable skills Fitness can bring to your life is what I believe fitness is all about.

So the next time someone asks, "Why do you work out so much?" Remember, fitness is more than fitness.

@bestmates_wegotya are here to help you. It doesn`t matter who you are. Mental health is so important, and these guys are doing some amazing things to ensure there are avenues to support you. Reach out if you need to!


❤️💪🏽THE SPRINT💪🏽❤️

Welcome to the next Stance `the sprint` here it will be a time limit to complete as many rounds as possible. It`s a straight slalom and cargo net finish.

It`s a test of endurance and pacing. Don`t go top hard too soon.

Who is ready to earn their beer?



💪🏽❤️Bank Holiday with EBC❤️💪🏽

Another amazing bank holiday weekend. Tag yourself if you trained this weekend with EBC and enjoyed some of the sunshine.

Come rain or sun we will be there in a local park near your delivering some amazing sessions.



What a beautiful morning to get out and get some sunshine.

Hope you have a great Sunday, everyone.


❤️💪🏽3 DAYS TO GO💪🏽❤️

This time, in 4 weeks, we will have completed our EBC Games event. Everyone will have earned their and goodie bags.

There is still time to sign up and get a team involved. We will be closing registration on Monday, 6th May, at midnight.

If you want to take part but aren`t sure, message me. I will put your mind at ease and answer any questions.

Letsss go!!



Colchester Sports Park

Colchester Sports Park, Northern Gateway, Cuckoo Farm Way, Colchester CO4 5YX

London – Liverpool Street

London, Liverpool Street

Witham Bramble Road

Mud race runners

Bramble Road. Witham. CM8 2XA

Wickford Memorial Park

Memorial Park. Wickford. SS11 8JE

Upminster New Windmill Hall

New Windmill Hall. Upminster. RM14 2QJ

Southend On Sea Seafront

Opposite Thames Estuary Yacht Club. Southend. SS0 7QY

South Woodham Ferrers Creek View

Creek View. South Woodham Ferrers. CM3 5YL

Rayleigh Grove Park

Grove Park. Rayleigh. SS6 8UA

Rayleigh Fairview Park

Fairview Park. Rayleigh. SS6 8EL

Maldon Promenade Park

Promenade Park. Park Drive. Maldon.

Loughton Jessel Green

Jessel Green, Jessel Drive The Cottage Loaf Pub. Loughton. IG10 2EQ

Leigh On Sea Blenheim Park

Blenheim Park. Leigh-on-Sea. SS9 2EJ

Harlow Teletubby Hill

Teletubby Hill. Harlow. CM17 9HW

Great Dunmow Recreation Ground

The Recreation Ground. Great Dunmow. CM6 2AA

Epping Stonards Hill

Stonards Hill. Epping. CM16 4QF

Colchester Abbey Fields

motion blur forest trail run

Abbey Fields. Colchester. CO2 7AP

Chelmsford Hylands Park

Hylands Park. Writtle Chelmsford

Chelmsford Beaulieu Park

Beaulieu Park. Chelmsford. CM1 6ED

Chelmsford Admirals Park

Admirals Park. Chelmsford. CM1 2PN

Chafford Hundred Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road, Chafford Hundred RM16 6NG

Brentwood Warley Park

Warley Park. Brentwood. CM14 5LF

Braintree Notley Green

Notley Green. Braintree. CM77 7US

Billericay Lake Meadows

Lake Meadows. Billericay. CM12 0DT