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More Than Fitness

Effective. Challenging. Dynamic.

In it for the long term. EBC Fitness is about more than just burning fat and short-term gains.

We are an ongoing fitness initiative, offering motivation and support to our members all year round.

We run 400+ one-hour sessions every year, across 26 locations around the UK, as well as online sessions on our EBC TV platform, giving you the power to tailor a programme to suit your lifestyle.

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Why EBC Fitness?

Improved mental and physical performance
Varied functional training
Strong community
Programmes to suit all fitness levels
Accountability for your progress
Sustainable lifestyle change
Established with over 1000 daily attendees
1000’s of success stories over 15 years of EBC

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Social Feed

Feast your eyes on the official video of @marinemayhem_ebc 2 weeks ago.

Looking back at this and the efforts from all is inspiring.

The buzz after from everyone that attended was sky high.

To have raised £1250 for @rock2recoveryuk was incredibly humbling.

Once again, a massive thank you to all that took part. To all the @essexbootcamp instructors and @royalmarines.

🎥 @elliotxstephens for getting stuck in on the day and @twtcreations for putting it together for all to see.

Here’s to the next one 🍻

#charity #fundraising #charityevent #rock2recovery #royalmarines #commando #greenberet #brotherhood #humbling #marinemayhem #essex #bootcamp #sundayvibes #fitness #outdoortraining #veterans

Are you approaching your fitness journey like a marathon or a sprint?

Results do not happen overnight, but if you make small changes, keep consistent and form better habits your body (and mind) will reward you. Our 60 Day Challenge is designed to get you on the path to make a real life change by teaching you how to do all this and more, whilst keeping you accountable for your actions.

To find out more about what’s involved book an appointment with one of our instructors today. The link is in our bio!

#EBC60 #essexfitness #essex #bootcamp #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #ukfit #ukfitfam

Ready to make a lasting lifestyle change? 👇

The Essex Bootcamp 60 Day Challenge helps you focus on making small changes to your day to day habits that deliver long lasting results.

It's not a total overhaul of your life, it fits around your schedule and makes YOU the #1 priority.

Give yourself the chance to achieve what you want to achieve and keep the promises that you make to yourself to become a happier, healthier and more confident you.

Sign up today, the link is in our bio.

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Want to change your body? You need to start by changing your mind.

Combining military discipline with a science-backed programme our 60 Day Challenge will get you thinking and acting better on your health, exercise and nutrition, helping you to form habits that stick and achieve real results.

It’s more than fitness. Find out more about our 60 Day Challenge starting February 6th, head on over to our website for more info, the link is in our bio 👆

#fitnessjourney #EBC60 #essexlife #transformation

Have you set your goals for 2022? If it’s a healthy lifestyle that you’re after, this is something you need to refine over time – not overnight.

Remember, small changes = big results.

Be the change you want to see and take part in our upcoming 60 Day Challenge starting February 6th. Learn how to:

Form better habits ✅
Fuel your body effectively ✅
Transform your lifestyle ✅
Unlock an achievable fitness regime ✅
Get back on track ✅

Sign up today. The link is in our bio if you want to find out more.

Reflecting on yesterday and how absolutely epic it was to finally get a @marinemayhem_ebc back on.

How absolutely awesome it was to see you all being pushed and smiling.

Members from across Essex coming together and showing the true EBC grit and determination. And for many non members travelling specifically for it.

£𝟭𝟮𝟱𝟬 was raised by you all 🙏🏼

That money will go directly to @rock2recoveryuk and WILL make a difference.


How you all feeling today and most importantly, who wants another one?

#charity #fundraising #mentalhealth #mindovermuscle #stateofmind #marinemayhem #essexbootcamp #royalmarines #support #friendship #greenberet #veterans #outdoortraining #mindset #health #photooftheday #essex #bootcamp #military #fitness

⚠️WARNING ⚠️ ⁉️New Year New You⁉️

‼️ Don’t Change to much to quickly ‼️

It’s the time of year to take stock, reflect and make
some positive changes going into the new year best foot forward.

Typically for health and fitness driven goals this means lots of change, around fitness routines and nutrtion strategies. One of the biggest pit falls we see every year, are big changes being made all at once, not giving any time to adjust; so Lets look at things differently this time around;

☑️Swap big Changes for small achievable goals
☑️Swap winging it for being accountable
☑️Change to having a plan of attack

Whatever your goal or objective for 2022, it’s vital to make changes gradually and progressively over time.

EBC60 Day challenge starts 6 th Feb 2022

Book in for a free 20 min call with one of our highly qualified and experienced trainers today below:

Looking to take part in our next marine mayhem this Sunday?

Bookings are still available now

All goes to an amazing cause👊

Message us with ‘MM’ and we’ll get you all the details


Start your fitness journey in 2022 with our 7 day free trial

Normal sessions are ago from Tuesday 😎

Who’s looking forward to smashing their new year goals with us?👇


It’s okay to over indulge at Christmas

It’s okay to take a few days off

Don’t create an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise!

EBC are here when you’re ready to get back to it!

If you’re looking to get:

- Fitter

- Healthier

- Happier

- Stronger

And join a community of like minded individuals,

Message us with ‘EBC’ to start your free 7 day trial.

Maldon Park runners were “impressed by the efforts and support from @ebcmaldonandswf last Saturday”
It’s great to see everyone out and moving on the lead up to Christmas!

Variety in sessions

Across all of our sites in Essex & Cambridge,

All of our instructors try their vary best to never make two sessions the same

Thats the beauty of bootcamp,

You’ll never get bored,


You never quite know whats coming…

Want to give it a go and see if we are what you’re looking for?

We offer a 7 day free trial across all of our sites,

Message us with ‘Trial’ and we’ll get you set up.


Looking to take part in our next marine mayhem in January?

Bookings are available now

All go an amazing cause👊

Message us with ‘MM’ and we’ll get you all the details


⁣Why we do what we do outside ✅

We are passionate about providing something different to your average gym workout⁣

Something that cant be completed indoors⁣


Because the benefits of exercising outdoors are endless…⁣

- Stress relief⁣

- A change of scenery/varying your regular training environment⁣

- Sunshine⁣

- The opportunity of training together⁣

- A general better mood⁣

Our members may find our sessions tough at times, but we can guarantee that post session, you will always feel like you have achieved something⁣

Which is ultimately why we pride ourselves on the strength of mind and body.⁣

How can you get involved?⁣

If you want to get outside and exercise, become part of our community and achieve your goals⁣

DM us with the word ‘EBC’ and we’ll get you all the details!⁣

Christmas Opening Times 🎅🏼

Most of us will be weighing ourselves down with extra niceties 🦃 🍫 🍭 😋

So worry not, between Christmas and New Year we will be running limited sessions across Essex.

Our app will show where and when, so get booked in and no excuses 😉

#christmas #holidaysarecoming #bootcamp #essex #essexbootcamp #outdoortraining #militaryfitness #grouptraining #mindset #noexcuses #hardworkpaysoff #consistencyiskey

Don’t lose sight of your goals over the weekend...⁣

It’s important that you keep your goals in mind whilst enjoying yourselves over the weekend.⁣

We aren’t here to stop you from socialising, going out for dinner or seeing friends and family ⁣

But writing yourself off over the weekend can have a big impact on your goals.⁣

So how can we help?⁣

We offer sessions all over Essex at the weekends,⁣

Saturday and Sunday mornings ⁣

To ensure you get your training fix to kickstart your weekend! ⁣

Want to get involved?⁣

Message us now to start your FREE 7 day trial⁣


Looking to take part in our next marine mayhem in January?

Bookings are available now

All go an amazing cause👊

Message us with ‘MM’ and we’ll get you all the details


Cambs Jesus Green

Jesus Green. Thompsons Lane. Cambridge. CB5 8AQ

Cambs Fen Ditton

Recreation Ground. Fen Ditton. Cambridge. CB5 8UP

Cambs Cambourne

Oaks Wood. Great Cambourne.Cambridge. CB23 5AD

Cambs Trumpington

King George V Playing Field. Paget Road. Trumpington. Cambridge. CB2 9JF

Witham Bramble Road

Mud race runners

Bramble Road. Witham. CM8 2XA

Wickford Memorial Park

Memorial Park. Wickford. SS11 8JE

Upminster New Windmill Hall

New Windmill Hall. Upminster. RM14 2QJ

Southend On Sea Seafront

Opposite Thames Estuary Yacht Club. Southend. SS0 7QY

South Woodham Ferrers Creek View

Creek View. South Woodham Ferrers. CM3 5YL

Rayleigh Grove Park

Grove Park. Rayleigh. SS6 8UA

Rayleigh Fairview Park

Fairview Park. Rayleigh. SS6 8EL

Maldon Promenade Park

Promenade Park. Park Drive. Maldon.

Loughton Roding Valley Rec

Roding Valley Rec. The Cottage Loaf Pub. Loughton. IG10 2EQ

Leigh On Sea Blenheim Park

Blenheim Park. Leigh-on-Sea. SS9 2EJ

Harlow Teletubby Hill

Teletubby Hill. Harlow. CM17 9HW

Great Dunmow Recreation Ground

The Recreation Ground. Great Dunmow. CM6 2AA

Epping Stonards Hill

Stonards Hill. Epping. CM16 4QF

Colchester Abbey Fields

motion blur forest trail run

Abbey Fields. Colchester. CO2 7AP

Chelmsford Hylands Park

Hylands Park. Writtle Chelmsford

Chelmsford Beaulieu Park

Beaulieu Park. Chelmsford. CM1 6ED

Chelmsford Admirals Park

Admirals Park. Chelmsford. CM1 2PN

Chafford Hundred Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road, Chafford Hundred RM16 6NG

Brentwood Warley Park

Warley Park. Brentwood. CM14 5LF

Braintree Notley Green

Notley Green. Braintree. CM77 7US

Basildon Langdon Hills

Langdon Hills Recreation Ground. Basildon. SS16 6BT

Billericay Lake Meadows

Lake Meadows. Billericay. CM12 0DT