Who are EBC Fitness?

Established in 2006 by an ex Royal-Marine commando and a sports scientist, EBC Fitness, (AKA Essex Boot Camp) was born out of a desire to deliver a different kind of outdoor fitness programme – something not only physically challenging, but also mentally stimulating, with plenty of variety to keep members fully engaged and interested.

From small beginnings EBC Fitness has grown to attain national recognition, with our skilled instructors operating sessions all over the UK – from Southend to Scotland. And there are now more than 2000 people training with us every week.​

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Our Ethos

We believe that great fitness starts with the right state of mind – where your mind goes your body (with some hard work) will follow. Our engaging, task-oriented sessions are designed to keep you motivated and focused, so that your goals can be more easily realised. We inspire confidence in our members, and our results speak for themselves.

The Directors

EBC Fitness is the brainchild of ex-Royal Marine Commando, Glynn Roberts, and Sports Scientist, James Sweeney, and they seriously know their stuff when it comes to fitness, nutrition and endurance!

Their different skill sets and backgrounds complement each other perfectly, making Glynn and James a highly knowledgeable and formidable team.

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Glynn Roberts

In 2000 Glynn joined the Royal Marines. He successfully completed the gruelling 30-week training programme (the toughest task he’s ever faced) to become a fully active member of the Royal Marine Commandos.


Throughout his time in the Commandos, Glynn put himself through a number of demanding physical challenges – completing the infamous Dartmoor 30-mile run (complete with 2lbs of equipment and a rifle), the Tough Guy challenge and intensive weight training. These experiences have tested Glynn and given him a real insight into the body’s limits.

He has an extensive background in both group, and personal, training. He’s put Marine recruits through their paces, and has offered training at professional football clubs, police HQs and schools. Glynn understands the importance of keeping training fresh and challenging to keep his trainees motivated, interested and enjoying the sessions. With repetition comes boredom, so Glynn likes to mix things up.

Your body can achieve more than your mind would have you believe. Push the boundaries, never give up, give 100% every time. Learn to love the burn and your body will change. Strength of mind is key.

As one of the directors of EBC Fitness, James is passionate about getting people moving and improving the health and fitness of as many people as he can. Currently, less than 2% of the UK population regularly exercise. This is a worrying trend for James, which he is intent on changing. EBC Fitness is his vehicle for that change!


James is a specialist in fitness testing – with a special focus on body composition. His expertise covers health fitness indices and sports-specific functional training. This knowledge and his passion have propelled him into the world of professional sport, where James has worked with top athletes and footballers. James has also developed and initiated team building and group motivational sessions in the corporate world.

Before nutrition and fitness, comes mindset. Without the right mindset we are destined to fail. Getting your mindset right is the absolute key to achieving your goals, and I can help you do that.

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James Sweeney

The Team

Every EBC Fitness instructor must go through a stringent selection process and a day of physical training at RAF Bentwaters. No EBC instructor would expect one of our members to go through something he or she couldn’t or wouldn’t do first.

Successful EBC team members are handpicked by Glynn and James. All recruits must have completed all given training to the highest possible standard. Each of our many instructors are now outdoor fitness specialists in their own right.

Become an instructor

Do you have what it takes to become an EBC instructor? Email us by using the link below!

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