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“2020 was the year of all years to reflect and above all start looking after myself again! I had the opportunity this year to start up again something I truly love, EBC! It felt amazing, not pretending it wasn’t hard, tough, gruelling, but amazing and it gave me the impetus that I wanted to achieve more and get back on track.”

“Enter the EBC 60 day challenge. WHAT a game changer. This was everything I needed: a straight forward, realistic, healthy approach with constant support. It was massive a wake up call to what I should and should not be putting in my body. The accountability for what I did each day meant I couldn’t hide any longer, and once the benefits started to kick in I really didn’t want to anymore!”


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You will;

  • Determine your specific energy needs and fuel your body effectively
  • Significantly improve your health and fitness
  • Gain knowledge beyond the 60 day program
  • Start to habit form and track your own progress

Alison B – EBC60 Feedback

Thank you so much everyone at EBC for this challenge, there’s been so much I have learnt which at the age of 59 I wasn’t sure I would   The hardest part for me was giving up the bad habits, weekends were my downfall I would always feel like I needed to treat myself with bad food and wine and not just one day but from Friday night to Sunday night!

This I have changed and I can see the results both mentally and physically.  I won’t deprive myself of a treat as that’s not sustainable but I limit it now.  I have learnt what food I need to fuel my body never even thought about protein but do now and the fluid intake required, I definitely didn’t drink enough water before this.  What I will continue doing is planning my food especially around days involving a lot of exercise, keep to a minimum 2L a day and limit my treats.  The improvements have been 16lb lost, a total of 11.5 inches, my burpees went from 28 – 45 and my run from 7.35 minutes to 6.01.  Before joining EBC I struggled to run for 20 seconds so that is a huge thing for me.

What’s included

Daily nutritional advice and support via social media
Daily check ins and monitoring
Meal plans
Live Q&A’s (including advisors knowledgeable and police shift work)
Pre & Post fitness test and assessment
Community and support
60 days nutritional advice
Group accountability
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