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Mother Nature’s playground

Outdoor fitness sessions have been our bread and butter since 2007. Hour long, varied training sessions, using Mother Nature’s playground, no matter the weather and for any ability.

We are an authentic Bootcamp using motivational techniques from the military to get the best from each and every one of our members. But always keeping them fun, lighthearted and having our members walking away with a sense of achievement to come back for more.

We help you get the best from you

From beginners to fitness enthusiasts, all our sessions are designed to get the best from you. Irrelevant how many reps or how fast you can run. All you need to do is turn up and give us your best.

A few hours a week, to become part of your lifestyle to make lifelong changes. ​

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The benefits of Outdoor Bootcamp

Training outdoors is proven to reduce blood pressure and cortisol, reducing overall mental stress.
The Biophilia Effect: This effect states that environments rich in visually stimulating scenery, or those which engage the body’s olfactory (scent) or auditory senses (sound) with natural stimuli, can significantly reduce symptoms of stress and increase positive mood, focus and concentration.
Training outdoors in groups attracts like minded people. Meaning you are more likely to build a rapport with others, increasing enjoyment.
Being active outdoors reduces perceived effort and allows individuals to work at higher workloads, which may help increase the amount of physical activity undertaken and motivation to continue.
Every session is different. Which means we keep your body constantly challenged in different disciplines leading to a greater all round fitness.